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"Take The Guesswork Out Of Playing Beautiful Piano Chords
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Dear Piano Lover,

Yes, I said 162 different voicings.

To many people, the idea of playing piano sounds simple enough. I mean, it's just 12 keys repeated over and over again.

But to those same people, it gets to be a daunting task when you think of taking those 88 keys and putting them together in ways that they sound... well... nice.

Sure, one of the first things you probably learned to play on the piano was a C major chord, and you've probably learned a few others by now.

“But What Do You Do To
Make Those Plain Ol' Piano Chords
Sound REALLY Good?!

If you're like most pianists, you turn to lesson or theory books... or maybe even YouTube videos in this day and age.

And once you've done that, do you actually take the time to write out the chord voicings you really liked and commit them to "muscle memory"?

If you're that one person in 100 who actually has, I applaud you!

However, I'm ashamed to say that I wasn't even that one person in 100... until now.

You see, I realized I had taught 1000's of people how to build basic piano chords from scratch, and even how to build the more advanced chords.

But to get that "magical" sound that only comes from experience and practice... that's a difficult thing to teach.

Fortunately, I decided to give it a go.

I thought, "I'll just create a catalog of piano chord voicings that anyone can use a reference."

I wanted to make it "music-less" - that is, I didn't want anyone to have to rely on first reading the chord voicings on sheet music, then translating them to the piano.

If you know me at all, you know I'm a big believer in getting right to the "playing" part of piano playing and eliminating as much of the noise that I can in the middle.

After all, most people just want to play their favorite songs quickly and easily, without taking years of lessons.


"To Make Those Songs Sound Beautiful,
It Takes Beautiful Piano Chord Voicings"

So, I began creating a catalog of chord voicings, showing only the highlighted keys on the piano - with no sheet music of any kind.

Originally, I thought I would do this for all 12 keys, but once I got into it just for the "C" keys, I was already up to 162 different voicings in a nearly 23-page document!

That's when I decided to stop while I was ahead, record over-my-shoulder videos covering all 162 different voicings, and demonstrate how to apply these voicings to any key - not just C.

And those DAYS of archiving all these piano chord voicings are exactly what went into...

Piano Chord Voicings... FAST!

piano chord voicings fast

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This combination PDF/ebook guide on CD and companion 2-DVD video piano lesson course may very well be the last chord reference you ever buy, simply because it covers virtually 95% of all the piano chord voicings you'll ever need in your playing, from the basic major, minor, dominant, suspended, diminished and augmented triads all the way through "slash" chords and crazy augmented 13ths and sharp 11ths.

In fact, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I even discovered some new voicings for my own playing... voicings that, for whatever reason, I've simply neglected all these years.

So, as I dug my heels into this project, I had somewhat selfish motives to finish it. :-)

But those motives are now your gain.

And to help you even more, I've decided to offer this 1-CD/2-DVD monster chord reference guide and video collection for the special price of just...

$47 (plus shipping)

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Here's How Simple It Is To Use
This Gigantic Chord Guide

  1. Decide what chord you'd like to voice.
  2. Look up the related C-key voicing in the table of contents at the front of the guide, which is organized by major, minor, dominant, suspended, diminished and augmented chords.
  3. Simply move that voicing to the chord you're looking for. For example, if your chord is Ebm7(b5) - that's "E flat, minor 7, flat 5" - just look up Cm7(b5) and move all the notes up 3 half steps. If that doesn't sound good enough for you, try one of the other variations that accompany almost every chord, or create your own open voicing, which I also show you how to do.
  4. Refer to the appropriate section of the videos for further clarification and other ideas.
I've even identified my favorite voicings - the ones that, to me, have that rich, professional, almost "magical" quality to them. I think you'll enjoy them, too.

Normally, I would list all the things you'll learn in this video course, but it really comes down to just a few things:

How to build a great-sounding voicing - for virtually any piano chord - no more guessing or searching through books or websites for just the right sound.
How to create your own voicings - including "open" voicings.

Exactly where to play chords for the best sound and maximum effect.

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Don’t Just Believe What I Say…
Check Out What Others Have Said…

Here’s what just a couple of my 1000's of students have said about my original “Professional Piano Chords for Everyday Pianists” course:

Read What One Frustrated, "Traditional" Student
Has To Say After Using My Original, "Professional Piano Chords" Guide:


Finding you on the internet was the greatest piano blessing that I have discovered. Purchasing your product is the BEST MUSICAL INVESTMENT that I have spent my money on in the last 3 years. And believe me... Over the past 3 years I have invested literally thousands of dollars in CD's, Tapes, Books, Music Lessons.

Your program has simplified, what I have exhausted myself searching for. I am a disabled veteran, so I have much time to practice, study and research. I literally spend 4 to 5 hours a day practicing on my Yamaha Piano. For the past 2 years, I have spend $100 each month for music lessons from a very talented music director. Although he is an excellent instructor, (I could say musical genius) he sometimes teaches over my head. (And I consider myself to be intelligent). I have figured out in 3 hours of disecting your section on 13th Chords, what has bewildered me with his methodolgy of instruction. Dont get me wrong .. I have learned a great deal from him, but your program has regenerated my enthusiasm and has uplifted my spirits and given me great encouragement.

I finally genuinly feel that there is light at the end of my tunnel. It all makes sense now. You have filled in the gaps, and I am able to do this at my pace.

I thank you again, and would highly recommend your product to anyone that is serious about learning to play music on a keyboard or piano.

Tony Willis
US Army Veteran
San Antonio, TX

And Another Student Who Can Finally Play What He Only Just Heard Before:

Dear Bill:

Your guide to professional-sounding chords is nothing short of brilliant! I have been in bands semi-professionally for years as a singer-guitarist, and now in later years I have enjoyed playing piano around home as a hobby. Your informative guide is a terrific teaching tool, but perhaps your follow-up e-mails are even more "key", since they serve as further incentive for someone to pitch in and get this stuff learned.

Your information, together with your follow-up program is the best I have seen in terms of communicating how music works, especially to those who are intimidated by notes, staffs, clefs, rests, etc. In my case, I have always been able to "hear" the chords I wanted - now that I have your book, I am able to play most of them as well.

Thanks, Bill, for sharing this absolutely terrific knowledge.

Richard Narrell

And, Yes, It's Completely Guaranteed!

As with all of my courses, this one carries my 8-week, 100% full money-back guarantee:

60 day guarantee
Your Iron-Clad, No-Risk,
8-Week Guarantee!

Your "Piano Chord Voicings... FAST!" 3-disc video piano course comes with a no-questions-asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason (it really doesn't matter why), you decide that "Piano Chord Voicings... FAST!" just isn't for you, simply return it for a complete refund (minus shipping).

Bill Romer

(On the other hand, if you do find it useful and your playing improves as a result, I would love to hear about that, too!)
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All the major scales written out in treble clef notation AND my "Music-less" piano notation

A simplified "Music-less" piano chord chart showing all the basic major, minor, dominant, diminished and augmented chords - in every key - for quick reference


A piano key chart, so you can quickly determine how many sharps or flats correspond to the different keys.

A piano notes chart, in case you're a little rusty on exactly which piano notes go where.

Immediate access to the 28-page PDF guide and online videos. (The login information will be emailed to you shortly after your order.)

Order Piano Chord Voicings Fast on 2 DVDs and 1 CD today

Take advantage of my own selfish obsession over piano chord voicings and put my personal piano chord reference library to use for yourself today!

Let's Make Beautiful Music Together :-)

Take Care,
Bill Romer

PS: Don't you owe it to yourself to find the fastest, easiest route possible to the most interesting, professional-sounding professional piano chords? Check out my powerful video course today and you'll be sounding like a pro before you can play a C major scale!
PPS: Your friends and family will be amazed at how quickly your piano playing improves, and you'll have the confidence and skills to sit down at the piano - anywhere, anytime - and be the center of attention (if you like that sort of thing

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